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Global Gathering 2007

A Call Went Out:

Calling all Gallaghers and those with Gallagher in their family trees. You are summoned to a colossal family reunion. It will take place in the original Gallagher homeland of County Donegal, Ireland from the 8th to the 15th September 2007. 

Not only will local Gallagher families be in attendance but others will be there from the four corners of the world. We will meet and chat, dance and sing - whatever takes our fancy - as we enjoy meeting one another in celebration of our glorious heritage. We will explore our own family's story and the road that was travelled over a period of some sixteen hundred years. Each of us has a story; each of us adds a piece to the jigsaw which is the Gallagher story and all combined will add greatly to that of our immediate family. 

There will be many opportunities during the week for us to get together, mingle, enjoy good food and drink and listen to good music, especially, but not exclusively, traditional music. There will also be occasions to visit sites of interest and explore the history that formed us all.

Stand up and be counted!!

We hope also to establish another claim to fame by setting a Guinness World Record ™ of “the Largest Same Name Gathering - Last Name”. This takes place on Sunday 9th and we need all you Gallaghers to join us for that event to establish a record that will stand for many a year. This is great chance for us to do so. Let's go for it!!!!

The launch in Dublin Castle 

While preparations began over two years before the event, matters really began to hot up with the press launch in Dublin, which included a meeting with the Taoiseach, Mr. Bertie Ahern T.D. (see picture). This had been arranged with the assistance of Minister of Health Promotion and Food Safety, Mr. Pat the Cope Gallagher, T.D..

Place: The Round Tower (aka The Garda Museum), Dublin Castle

Date: 12.00 Midday, Wednesday 27th June 2007.

Event: Prisoner escapes from Dublin Castle.

Notable Guest: Minister of Health Promotion and Food Safety, Mr. Pat the Cope Gallagher, T.D.

Media speculation has it that the spirit of an ancient prisoner is to escape from gaol in Dublin Castle, after over 400 hundred years, in order to attend the Gallagher Clan Global Gathering in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal from the 8th – 15th September 2007. Owny O’Gallagher, who was captured in Rathmullen along with Red Hugh O’Donnell in 1587, will once more escape from the confines of his gaol in the tower in Dublin Castle. It is expected that he will use a rope to make good his escape. Some others of the Gallagher Clan will be there to assist, most notably Minister for the Dept. of Health Promotion and Food Safety Mr. Pat the Cope Gallagher T.D.. Owny is answering the “welcome home” call of the Gallagher Clan committee for all the Gallaghers (or those with variants of the name) and those with Gallagher in their family tree to return to the clan homeland of County Donegal.

It is 400 years since the Clan has had a gathering and the committee is asking all the Gallagher “connection” to join them in a colossal family get-together. The Gallaghers have taken upon themselves to guard the honour of Donegal and Ireland by attempting to capture the Guinness World Record™ of “the Largest Same Name Gathering - Last Name”.

The Gallaghers aren’t satisfied at just keeping up with the Jones’ the present holders of the record. They want to keep ahead of the Jones’!! It is important that as many as possible attend in order to set a high bar for any other family groups who might follow. Already speculation is rife as to whether a Manchester duo will appear among the notables attending. The committee say they have been told not to make any comment on this matter. ENDS

The picture shows Owny Gallagher (aka Charlie Gallagher make his escape from Dublin Castle witnessed from left: Adrian, Joe, Niamh, Minister Gallagher, Brian and Superintendent Jim Gallagher. 



Owny (aka Charlie Gallagher) fights his way past the guards at Dublin Castle

Owny, Minister Gallagher and Joe prepare to head home for the Gallagher Global Gathering 

Mayor Informed of the Gallagher Global Gathering

The Guildhall, Derry. 

13th July 2007. 

Mayor of the City of Derry Councillor Drew Thompson with members of the Gallagher Clan including former mayor Councillor Helen Quigley

The Gallagher Clan informed the Mayor of the City of Derry, Alderman Drew Thompson, of the Global Gathering to be held in Co. Donegal from the 8th–15th September and attempt on a world record. 

Gallaghers from Derry have been very much involved with the organisation from the beginning and will be much involved in the activities in September. Quite a number of those coming from abroad have family roots in Derry and wish to visit the City.






Mr. Enda Kenny T.D. launches the Clan in Mayo

23rd July 2007.

Mr. Enda Kenny, the Fine Gael leader formally launched the Mayo branch of the Gallagher Clan organisation in The Travellers Friend and Theatre today Monday 23rd July 2007. at 2.30pm.

An ambitious and immediate aim of the clan is to gain entry to the Guinness Book of Records by having the largest number of people with the same last name assemble together. This event is scheduled for Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, on September 9th next during the Gallagher Global Gathering which runs from the 8th-15th of September Co.

Mayo offered the Gallaghers a refuge in the troubled times of 400 years ago when they were forced from their native territory of Donegal. The people of Donegal and Mayo have since shared a lot, whether it be the hardship at home or in emigration. Gallaghers of Mayo extraction have given much to the world and today the best known Gallaghers are Liam and Noel of Oasis fame.

The committee is asking all those with Gallagher “connections” to join them in a colossal family get-together. It will be a “welcome home” for Gallaghers from both other parts of Ireland and from across the Globe. It will be a celebration of the people and their family heritage. The committee hope this be the first of many Gallagher Clan gatherings and look forward to Mayo Gallaghers being the hosts at a later date. Photograph by Michael Donnelly

First Gallaghers arrive for the Gathering

28th of August. 2007.  

Photograph: Phil Gallagher from Brazil, Clarence Gallagher from Canada, Alice Wilke from Australia with members of the Gallagher Clan committee outside the Letterkenny Institute of Technology, the centre to be used for the Guninness World Record™ attempt. Photo by Clive Wasson

The first of the overseas participants in the Guinness World Record attempt have begun to arrive in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland. They are the fore runners of the thousands of other Gallagher's and attendant world media who are expected to descend on the Letterkenny Institute of Technology Campus to take part in the Guinness World Record™ attempt of “Largest same name gathering-last name”, which takes place on Sunday 9th September 2007. 

The first to make his presence known to the organisers was Philip Gallagher all the way from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil followed closely by Clarence Gallagher who hails from even further away in Vancouver, Canada. They were joined by Alice Wilke from Queensland, Australia, who is also in Co. Donegal to take part in the Gallagher Global Gathering, a weeklong celebration of the Gallagher heritage of which the Guinness World Record™ attempt is part. 

The Gathering runs from Saturday, the 8th of September to Friday, the 14th In between, will be various activities such as talks, tours, musical evenings and most of all, the ‘craic’ and the chat as Gallagher's, their family connections and friends party their way through the biggest family get together ever. After wishing them ‘Céad Mile Fáilte’ the Secretary, Adrian Gallagher, said “we are all humbled by the commitment and dedication shown by Philip, Clarence and Alice. It is an example that will be followed and replicated by many of the thousands of Gallaghers from all corners of the world, who will make their way to take part in the Gallagher Global Gathering. The international media will join them. ABC News from the USA has confirmed that it is to have a television crew in Letterkenny for the Gathering. Last week-end a Japanese radio station, Zip-fm, did an interview regarding the Gathering and Record attempt. The Japanese related to the subject of family and culture, especially as they see their own culture being under threat due to globalisation”. 

Vice-Chairman of the organising committee, Joe Gallagher, added “All those attending will be given a rousing reception that will last long in the memory. There will be old links reconnected, friendships renewed and friendships forged that will last long after this gathering is ended”. ENDS

The waiting is over – The Gathering takes place.