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"To all those with Gallagher, or one of its many variants, in their family tree, join us in celebrating our heritage. The Gallagher Clan / Ui Ghallchobhair are an Irish family whose roots extend back into the mists of ancient times. The Gallagher Clan reconvened in 2005 after being scattered for 400 hundred years."

Seán Ó Gallachóir, Chairman. 

2nd Gallagher Global Gathering concludes with

Gallagher Global Award presentation 

MaryBeth Gallagher receives the Gallagher Global Award from Clan Chief, Adrian Gallagher


13/9/2013 Gallagher Global Award Presentation

At the Gala Dinner Dance of the 2nd Gallagher Global Gathering in Ostan Loch Altan, Gortahork, Co.Donegal, Ireland, the inaugural Gallagher Global Award was presented to Marybeth Gallagher from California, currently living and working as a volunteer in Namibia. Full story HERE


Genealogy Links  - Boyd Gray (From genealogy workshop given during the 2nd Gallagher Global Gathering on 7th September 2013).


Nominations arrive for Gallagher Global Award

Nominations have been arriving for the Gallagher Global Award. The Gallagher Global Award is to be presented at the end of the 2nd Gallagher Global Gathering to the Gallagher, deemed by an independent panel of judges to have best maintained the standing of the name. If you haven't sent in your nominations, please do so as nominations have to be received by early August. Nominations are to be sent to

Gallagher Global Gathering and Gallagher Global Award
The Gallagher Clan invite all Gallaghers (and those with variants of the name), those with Gallagher in their family tree and their friends to come to Co, Donegal, Ireland, the original Gallagher homeland. Here we will celebrate our shared heritage with local Gallaghers.

The Gallagher Global Award is to be presented at the end of the 2nd Gallagher Global Gathering to the Gallagher, deemed by an independent panel of judges to have best maintained the standing of the name.

The Gallagher Global Gathering has been extended to ten days to accommodate a concert by world famous singer/songwriter Benny Gallagher of Gallagher & Lyle fame among other things. Benny will also conduct a songwriters master-class.

See below for links to relevant information on the Gallagher Global Gathering 

Itinerary including Venue, Pricing, Booking Information etc

Event Base: Óstán Loch Altan - Hotel Loch Altan - in the village of Gortahork, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

Óstán Loch Altan - Hotel Loch Altan Special Offer

The Gallagher Global Award

The Gallagher Global Award Nomination Information

Benny Gallagher in Concert

Benny Gallagher Songwriting Master-Class

Event Access

1st Gallagher Global Gathering, September 2007

Accommodation List:

Donegal in Picture

Media Page

We would ask anyone interested in attending to please contact us by EMAIL, phone or text us at + 353 (0)87 6680593.

We would also ask those who would like to help in any way to please click HERE

You can also view information on Facebook.  


This information is for guidance only. Mention of services and service providers does not mean that these services or service providers are suitable. Please check with the service providers for correct timetables etc.. The Gallagher Clan accept no responsibility for any loss that may be incurred following from this information being displayed.

The Gallagher Clan take no responsibility for any accidents, illnesses or other mishaps that may befall anyone duringing their attendance at the Gallagher Global Gathering or any other event involving the Gallagher Clan All partaking are involved at their own risk. The Gallagher Clan accepts no responsibility for any accidents, illnesses or other mishaps that may befall third parties arising from the Gallagher Global Gathering or other Gallagher Clan events or actions. We would advise that all those planning to attend or attending such events should take out personal insurance to cover all such eventualities.

4th April 2013

Gallagher Clan to be challenged for World Record

29th March 2013

A story with a Gallagher twist.

The Sidewalks of New York by Peter McDermott from the Irish Echo March 13-19 2013


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Older entries can be found in our ARCHIVE

Variants on the name Gallagher

The name was and is in Gaelic (Irish language):Ó Gallchóbhair or Ó Gallachóir (a newer spelling form)

Variants in English:

Callagher, Galagher, Galaher, Galagher, Galigher, Gallacher, Gallaghar, Gallagher, Gallahar, Gallaher, Gallaugher, Galliher, Gallihur, Gallocher, Gallogher, Galloher, Gallougher,Galligher, Goligher, Gollagher, Gollaher, Golleher, Golliher, Gollocher, Gollogher, Golloher, Gollougher, Goloher,

See also for more information: Some statistics (from 1890 & conclusions.

The Gallagher Clan Organisation

The organisation was established in 2005 to

  1. Unite the worldwide community of Gallaghers;
  2. Explore and document all relevant sources which tell of Gallagher activity down the ages;
  3. Build up a family history resource which can assist individuals find their own and their forbearers place in the story;
  4. Carry on any activities necessary to further the above aims.
  5. Facilitate a gathering of the Clan at a local level within each geographic area and worldwide.

The door is open and all are welcome. We hope we can help you and we need your help in return to grow and better carry out our aims for the good of all.

The Clan Committee would appreciate if everyone would contribute their knowledge of things Gallagher, whether it be connected to their own or their family’s story or if their own area of interest can throw some light on a particular Gallagher, events that Gallaghers might have been/ are involved in or any other facet of the global Gallagher heritage. We are interested not only in the famous / infamous – and there were a few of those down the years - but also in the lives and times of all our people. The Committee would also like to receive submissions and news items for our website. Items and artefacts are also welcome for our heritage collection. 

The organisation is yours, the committee are but facilitators. It needs your help, advice and involvement to make it an organisation worthy of such a renowned clan. We need you to take this site as your own because it belongs to you and all of us if we have an interest in the Gallagher story. 

  Note: Every effort has been made to make sure that everything on this site is as it should be. Please e-mail if you find that that is not the case. 


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